Sandaidh NicDhòmhnaill Jones

Poet, Singer, Composer, Harpist and Linguist. Governance Adviser.
Bàrd, Seinneadair, Neach-ciùil, Clàrsair agus Cànanaiche. Comhairliche Riaghlaidh.



Sandy NicDhòmhnaill Jones is a prizewinning Gaelic poet; a composer and songwriter; a singer and harpist; a poetry translator; and a language coach. Sandy was also the Gaelic Crowned Bàrd for 2019-2021. She is currently Director of Governance for Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.

Tha Sandaidh NicDhòmhnaill Jones na bàrd, cumadair-ciùil, neach-ciùil – mar sheinneadair agus clàrsair – agus cànanaiche. ’B e Bàrd a’ Chomuinn Ghàidhealaich 2019-2021 a bh’innte, agus tha i air iomadh duais bàrdachd eile a choisinn. Tha i san àm na Stiùiriche Riaghlaidh aig Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.


The interplay of language, poetry and music is the essence of what animates her.  Sandy finds her greatest motivation in the joys of language; in crafting poetry from language; and in the fusion of poetry and music into song.  There is a fascinating spiritual alchemy in these wonderful creative processes, which are a source of infinite inspiration to her.  

Sandy started writing poems and tunes from a young age.  As her interest in languages grew, she was drawn to writing poetry in other languages, and translating poetry between them.  As a songwriter, she particularly treasures the traditional formal poetic structures featuring rhyme, rhythm and metre. She admires and seeks to emulate the sophistication, complexity and magic of traditional Gaelic internal rhyme schemes (which have few parallels in other literatures, save in the virtuosic Welsh ‘cynghanedd’). 

As a translator, Sandy relishes the challenge of rendering song lyrics or musical libretti – written in formal metres – from the ‘source language’ to the ‘target language’, with those poetic structures still intact for performance purposes.


A’ sgrìobhadh na bàrdachd…  
Writing the poems…


Composer Cumadair-ciùil

A’ cuir fonn air na dàin, ann am pòsadh eadar cànan agus ceòl…
The fusion of words and music, twinning poetry to tune…


A’ gabhail nan òran – thig iad beò…
Performing the songs to bring them alive…


Gràdh domhainn air cànain…
a deep love of language…

My Books Na Leabhraichean Agam

‘Crotal Ruadh’, Cruinneachadh Bàrdachd agus Òran
‘Red Lichen’, Gaelic Poetry and Song Collection

‘An Seachdamh Tonn’, Cruinneachadh Bàrdachd agus Òran.
‘The Seventh Wave’, Gaelic Poetry and Song Collection

An Naomhsgeul as Buaine: Sgàthan Cinne-Daonna is Aiteal-Dhe
The Most Enduring Saint’s Fable: Mirror of Humanity and Glimpse of God

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