Gaelic Crowned Bàrd

Bàrd a’ Chomuinn

Bàrd a’ Chomuinn Ghàidhealaich 2019-2021
Gaelic Crowned Bard 2019-2021

Alexandra Jones. Bard Ceremony. 2019. - 05

Ar Cànan ’s ar Ceòl’ – ‘b e urram dhà-riribh a bh’ann nuair a chaidh Sandaidh ainmeachadh mar Bhàrd a Chomuinn Ghàidhealaich san Dàmhair 2019. 

‘Our language and our music’ – Sandy was deeply honoured to be named as Gaelic Crowned Bard.  The appointment was formally announced, and she was crowned as Bàrd, at the Royal National Mòd in Glasgow in October 2019. This prestigious two-year appointment added to other earlier literary awards and prizes, which have recognised her poetry, her songwriting, and her debut collection ‘Crotal Ruadh’ – ‘Red Lichen’ (Acair 2016 & 2019).  

Sandy’s second collection, ‘An Seachdamh Tonn – The Seventh Wave’, was published by Acair in June 2021.  Her third book, ‘An Naomhsgeul as Buaine – The Most Enduring Saint’s Fable’ came out in October 2021 (publ. Sallan Ltd) – a suite of poetry specially commissioned by the Royal Irish Academy to mark 1,500 years since St Columba’s birth.  All available to buy via this website!

Sandy also received several other commissions as Gaelic Crowned Bard: from Literature Alliance Scotland in 2021, and commissions from the Scottish Poetry Library, Gaelic Books Council and for Book Week Scotland, in 2020.   She was also the Gaelic judge for the Wigtown Poetry Prize in October 2021.    

Sandy had an exciting programme of events – some virtual, some ‘live’ – in her bardic term to October 2021. There is more information about them on the ‘News and Events’ page.  You may view video recordings (with thanks to An Comunn and The Gaelic Books Council) of three such events below: a performance at ‘Creative Conversations’, University  of Glasgow in November 2020, a conversation and poetry exchange with Màrtainn Mac An t-Saoir in June 2021, and a performance for the Ness Book Festival in October 2021. 

You may also read a compilation of Sandy’s columns about poetry in An Comunn’s monthly newsletter.