A’ gabhail nan òran - thig iad beò…

Performing the songs to bring them alive…

Sandy has been a frequent performer and competitor at the Mòd, winning the Oban Times Gold Medal in Fort William in 2017. 

She has been a finalist in the Bonn Òir a’ Chomuinn (Gold Medal) three times, and has won other competitions including the puirt-a-beul, Òran Mòr, self-accompanied singing with clàrsach, Sarah Weir, Skye and Sutherland, Kennedy-Fraser and folk group competitions. 

There are various recordings of her performances on stage and on the BBC.  You can hear her singing ‘Na Fir-Chlis’ ‘The Northern Lights’ at Mòd Glasgow 2019, and ‘Geata Tìr nan Òg’ at the 2017 Mòd. She may be heard singing ‘Ailein Duinn’ ‘Brown-haired Alan’ and accompanying herself on clàrsach on the BBC’s ‘Co-sheirm’ series in 2003 (re-broadcast in 2019). 

Èistibh ri Sandaidh a’ seinn òrain a sgrìobh i fhìn, agus pìosan eile.

Listen to Sandy performing her own compositions, and other songs.

‘Na Fir-Chlis’

‘The Northern Lights’

Sandy sings her original composition ‘Na Fir-Chlis – The Northern Lights’ on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal at Mòd Glasgow in October 2019.

Geata Tìr nan Òg

Sandy sings her setting of  ‘Dòmhnall Iain MacDhòmhnaill’s ‘Geata Tìr nan Òg’ on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal at the 2017 Mòd.

Tìr a Mhurain

Sandy’s original composition about Uist, ‘Tìr a’ Mhurain’, arranged for two voices, clàrsach and violin, recorded with Alan Munro.

Ailein Duinn

Sandy sings ‘Ailein Duinn’ and plays clàrsach on BBC Broadcast ‘Co-sheirm’ 2003.