A’ cuir fonn air na dàin, ann am pòsadh eadar cànan agus ceòl…

The fusion of words and music, twinning poetry to tune…


Many of Sandy’s poems are written as songs, and she composes her own music and arrangements for them, sometimes for solo singers, sometimes for vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Her song about Uist, ‘Tìr a’ Mhurain’, may be heard at the link below.  Sandy has won the Òran Ùr (new song) competition at the Royal National Mòd four times, and the choral arranging competition a number of times over the years.  

Her arrangements also feature on Còisir Lunnainn (the London Gaelic Choir) CD ‘Sia Fichead’ – ‘Six Score’.   Her arrangement of ‘Ceud soraidh soraidh bhuam’ for their Ladies’ Choir may be heard at the link below. 

Èistibh ri Sandaidh a’ seinn òrain a sgrìobh i fhìn, agus pìosan eile.

Listen to Sandy performing her own compositions, and other songs.

‘Na Fir-Chlis’

‘The Northern Lights’

Sandy sings her original composition ‘Na Fir-Chlis – The Northern Lights’ on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal at Mòd Glasgow in October 2019.

Geata Tìr nan Òg

Sandy sings her setting of  ‘Dòmhnall Iain MacDhòmhnaill’s ‘Geata Tìr nan Òg’ on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal at the 2017 Mòd.

Tìr a Mhurain

Sandy’s original composition about Uist, ‘Tìr a’ Mhurain’, arranged for two voices, clàrsach and violin, recorded with Alan Munro.

Ceud Soraidh Bhuam

Sandy arranged ‘Ceud Soraidh Soraidh Bhuam’ for Còisir Lunnainn (The London Gaelic Choir) Ladies’ Choir.